Content marketing encompasses many elements. It’s not only blogs and social media posts. To be successful with your content marketing campaigns, ask yourself these questions.  

How Does Content Marketing Fit into Your Sales Funnel?

Interesting, informative, and smart content can help buyers move through the sales funnel from making a purchase to establishing brand loyalty. When your content engages customers at every point in the sales funnel, it will be more effective.

How Do You Analyze Your Content?

The content might be words, but those words translate into data. Look at what performs well and converts visitors into customers? Ask yourself how your content marketing fits into your overall goals. Where can you improve? Use the analytical tools to know if your content is successful or not.

Do You Have a Plan?

Use a calendar to create high-quality content around holidays and special dates. Don’t wait for December to plan your holiday strategy. Save blank spots for trending events, but plan your posts and distribution channels to help you guide your strategy.

Can You Reuse, Recycle and Repurpose Content?

The white paper that you created to introduce customers to your product might be able to be turned into an infographic that you can post on Instagram. Old blogs that were successful can be updated with current information and statistics. Build an eBook out of blogs. Use the content in multiple avenues to get the most for your marketing money.

Are You Using Your Content Most Effectively?

Know what types of content work best on Facebook or Twitter. Different audiences respond to different content. Have a purpose for each piece of content. Don’t just put up blogs without using call-to-actions (CTAs) to let your customers know what to do next.

Have a strategy for your content marketing campaigns. Set goals. Analyze results. Look at what works and what doesn’t. Repeat with the successful content.