If you want to achieve effective lead generation, you have to focus on multiple streams of income and lead sources.

Here are some proven lead generation tips.

1. Virtual Assistants. Try out some virtual assistant companies that can help you with your seller/buyer calls. You want to look for one that trains well, is well-scripted and is constantly improving.

2. For Sale by Owners. These are strong lead sources. For tight budgets, source them and call them yourself.

3. Expired Listings. These include listings that real estate agents had on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) but failed to sell. These can translate easily into immediate appointments, rather than “for sale by owner” properties which take more time. Work with a service to get those expired listings, which is fairly easy nowadays.

4. Direct Mail. It’s easy to generate these letters and target many lists, so you are able to focus on one area and never exhaust your potential campaigns. Find a company that will sell you lists. There are a lot of them out there who will create, print, stamp and send them to you. Now, you can use mail that looks handwritten, thanks to unique fonts that make your message look like it was scribbled on a note pad. Mailed in invitation-type envelopes, people think they’re important and take the time to open them rather than throw them right in the trash or recycling.

5. Print and Online Ads. You should always run free online “I Buy Houses” ads. Search online for free classified sites in your target areas. This is a great alternative lead source to explore.

Heed these five tips for effective lead generation and you are on your way to success! We hope these tips have been helpful to guide you in your search.