The social and economic upheaval of 2020 and 2021 have changed a great many things about the workplace and the workforce. On one hand, many people who were used to working in offices or cubicles suddenly found themselves with remote setups working from home. On the other, essential workers (everyone from frontline medical personnel to servers and cooks) were expected to show up for work, even in the face of a raging pandemic. As things started to veer back towards normalcy, many workers evaluated whether their job was worth the effort and sacrifices they made for it, leading to what economists called “The Great Resignation.” Many of them, however, went to work and thrived in an unlikely place: cannabis dispensaries. Here’s why.

Comparable Pay to Retail and Restaurants

A job opening in retail or the service industry generally boasts a starting wage of $14 to $15. This is comparable to the starting pay at a dispensary, whether you work in cultivating product or customer service. Many workers found the stress and exertion of more traditional retail and restaurant jobs to be far more demanding than those at a dispensary.

Room for Advancement

Successful employees at cannabis dispensaries know their stuff. For the layperson, there’s a lot to learn about the different strains and products available. If you educate yourself or are open to training, however, you can become an expert, and quickly move to a job opening that requires knowledge and customer interactions.

Business is Booming!

As more and more states legalize cannabis products, it’s easier and easier to find a job opening in a dispensary. The industry is growing at an exponential rate. This is only partially due to curiosity from people who now have access. The Covid-19 pandemic raised levels of stress and anxiety for almost everyone. Cannabis products exist to mitigate these conditions. 

Working Conditions and Hours are Good (For a Reason)

As a new, modern industry, leaders in the cannabis business understand what job-seekers want out of their workplace. Dispensaries generally offer a laid-back, friendly environment to appeal to skilled workers who are burnt out from retail, service, and even medical fields. The positive reputation that many dispensaries enjoy also helps give the burgeoning industry a very real level of credibility and legitimacy. 

Careers in the cannabis industry are the way of the future. You can see why these jobs are sought after for workers looking for a change!