Although relatively new to legal commerce, networking is every bit as important to running a successful cannabis business as it is for any other. Here are a few tips on making fruitful connections in this quickly expanding field.

Be Informed

It’s a good bet that your weed-enthusiast peers are well informed regarding everything marijuana. Make sure your level of knowledge matches theirs. Every time you expose a lack of basic information decreases the likelihood that someone will want to join forces. Educate yourself regarding pertinent industry terms and operational requirements, trends, supply chains and clientele. Outside of networking, having a decent handle on marijuana law is absolutely mandatory.

Get Online

It has never been more essential for companies to have an internet presence. Thankfully, creating one has also never been easier. Start by evaluating the effectiveness of your competitors’ domains and thinking about ways they could be improved. Non-technical services like Wix make building a beautiful homepage easy as baking brownies. Alternatively, hire a specialist to construct one that performs fancy functions that no other site can. Implement search engine optimization practices and take advantage of social media. These platforms are affordable, easy-to-learn and crawling with viewers who have a strong affinity for what you’re selling.

Become Presentable

While people in the cannabis world are typically the casual sort, they still value professionalism. Dressing conservatively remains unnecessary, but showering, trimming nails and other forms of general hygiene are still requisite. Shake hands firmly but not too vigorously. Maintain normal eye contact. Refrain from acting holier-than-thou or displaying sexist attitudes. If you suspect interpersonal performance is an area where you could use improvement, practice interactions with a colleague or family member. Ask for honest feedback and sincerely consider the criticism you receive.

Prepare Proposals

Nothing entices partnering up more than innovation. Dream of unique ways for streamlining operations or invent a product that is guaranteed to draw attention. After you have exchanged a satisfactory number of business cards with potential allies, determine which of these individuals you’d most like to work with. Write out your pitch prior and try out your argument by yourself while looking into a mirror prior to contacting them. Only inform others of your offer once you are innately confident discussing the proposal and believe fully in your concept.

Networking is an important practice for any business owner, including those who run marijuana-related ventures. Sharpen your image and act smart when making contact with other weed-focused entrepreneurs.