When looking for a new job in most industries, you may discover the competition to be fierce. Finding a job in a relatively unconventional area such as the cannabis sector may be even more challenging than you assume at first. However, if this is a path you want to explore, you can increase the odds of getting your foot in the door if you take a conventional approach to the task. Here are some tips for standing out when seeking a career in the cannabis industry.

Enlist Support

Resume-building services and staffing companies are just two resources you can employ to steer yourself in the right direction. Established career services are successful because they know how to get clients the jobs they seek. A service can massage your resume or other personal profile formats to shine a light on your strengths appropriate to the position.

Focus Your Vision

Of course, you can better use job services if you have already narrowed your job preferences before jumping in. In other words, you should determine what area of the cannabis industry appeals to you. You may consider these possible job categories:

  • Growing
  • Retail sales
  • Marketing
  • Research
  • Customer service

Your options starting out could be limited, depending on your educational background and whether you are looking toward recreational or medicinal jobs. The services can educate you about industry job requirements.

Be Professional

One way to stand out in a crowded field is to employ the following job-seeking measures, particularly in an interview, that formerly were taken for granted but are not always the norm these days. First, dress professionally, even if you are interviewing for a behind-the-scenes position. Second, speak naturally but formally; cannabis businesses are serious affairs and no owner wants employees who make light of the industry. Finally, educate yourself about the industry as you would with any job market you are trying to enter; doing so will show that you are serious about your role.

Stay on the Up-and-Up

Consider one final note. Despite tight industry regulations in most states, illegitimate or poorly-run operations can fly under the radar. Working for a shoddy company can lead to unappealing consequences: You might find criminal penalties, pay challenges, inhospitable work climate and other frustrating or frightening scenarios await. Once you determine the company is legitimate and licensed, make sure you are offered official paperwork to fill out, including payment information and guarantees.

A cannabis-company job can be a challenging but rewarding one. As part of a newer industry, these companies will have to act boldly to stand out. When looking to move into a cannabis career, you can stand out yourself by employing thoughtful job-seeking strategies.