Cannabis Payment Processing

Cannabis Payment Processing

Topnotch provides premier payment solutions for Cannabis, CBD, and Hemp industry. We ensure compliance and continuity with state-of-the-art technologies by partnering with banks that understand the underwriting process for Cannabis products. We are constantly monitoring the shift in the legal landscape for Cannabis sales and related state-to-state banking laws to protect our clients and provide the best possible and legal payment solutions. We are experts within the field of alternative payments options, merchant accounts, and banking. Our ultimate mission is to provide much needed support to the cannabis industry within these areas.

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Payment processing for the legal cannabis industry is changing very rapidly. Work-around solutions for merchants in this industry come and go, also very rapidly. Topnotch has a long history of handling high risk merchants as well as the right expertise and professionals that have successfully been able to assist merchants of different cannabis and related verticals to transact electronically with their customers in the most cost-effective, compliant, and secured manner. Topnotch has continuously sought for alternative solutions to address the payment needs of merchants in this dynamic industry.

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Navigating cannabis payment processing is a challenging operational task, and Topnotch is here to help your dispensary accept payments in the most seamless and cost-effective manner. We have several solutions available tailored to your dispensary processing needs, and PIN debit has been one of the most stable and cost-effective solutions for a marijuana dispensary to eliminate cash payments and increase security as less cash is funneled through your dispensary operations.

  • Benefits of accepting PIN Debit payments at your MMJ dispensary.
  • Invoicing strategies
  • Less cash handling to minimize accepting any cash from customers
  • More spontaneous consumer spending at the point of sale
  • Consumers spend 30% more per transaction, effectively increasing your sales & consumer experience
  • Digital signature captured at the terminal level for compliance
  • EMV ready, most up-to-date PCI compliant technology and hardware equipment
  • Virtual Demonstrations of reporting and reconciliation tools
  • Integrated payment processing with your POS (depending on your POS provider): to check if your POS provider integrates with our PIN debit processing, please contact us.
  • Surcharge revenue options

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  • Quick approval and setup
  • EMV ready, most up-to-date PCI compliant technology and hardware equipment Accept PIN-based transactions.
  • Give your customers the convenience to withdraw money in your store.
  • Earn money on each approved transaction.
  • Does not require merchant to change from current bank.
  • Eliminate cash from sales transaction: savings cash handling and management, reduce risk of employee theft when you have cash on hands
  • Quick, easy approval setup. No integration with POS system necessary
  • Flexible connectivity: 4G LTE, dual-band WiFi, and Bluetooth BLE
  • Maximum security and compliance with end-to-end encryption
  • Accepts all payment types: NFC/CTLS, mobile wallets, EMV, magstripe
  • Touchscreen display


Billing clients and managing invoices stressing you out? With our secure gateway, create and process Electronic Checks, send Email Invoices, and even Accept Payments Online (or integrate into your current systems via API). Get SAME or NEXT DAY credit for your transactions at All Banks in the U.S.

You are a great candidate for our e-check solution if you:

Accept transactions of high amount and credit card processing fees are expensive.

Have difficulty applying for a merchant account: we work with CBD oil, kratom, drug paraphernalia, and cannabis merchants among almost all other industries.

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Accepting check cards and ATM cards is crucial in today’s business environment no matter what type of business you operate. Our Cashless ATM, PIN-Based Debit, and Full-Blown Credit Card solutions give your customers access to their cash and allowing them to spend more inside your dispensary. Each solution is tailored to your unique payment needs, with custom pricing models (with or without a consumer surcharge structure) to ensure that your customers have the best payment experience at the point-of-sale while your operations are maximized in the most cost-effective manner possible.


Planning to launch an online apparel store for your dispensary brand but have difficulty with a payment solution for your online store? We can help YOU! We are a full-service digital marketing and payment solutions company. Our experienced designers and payment professionals know what works and what doesn’t for your site to get approved for an ecommerce merchant account. They will help you design a unique website that is completely custom-tailored to your brand aesthetics and values, while also satisfying the needs to payment processing underwriters to allow you to accept credit card payments.

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Ancillary Businesses (MRBs)

Ancillary businesses (MRBs) may qualify for a merchant account, but banks look at these businesses on a case-by-case basis. The extra compliance requirements make banking for MRBs more difficult and expensive.

To make matters worse, businesses who touch the plant – dispensaries, cultivation facilities, and manufacturers – tend to dump cash onto MRBs to get rid of its enormous amount of cash on hands.

If you are an MRB and can relate to this “cash” problem, we can help. Or if you are simply looking for a better way to invoice your customers and collect payments electronically, we can help

With the growing acceptance and popularity of medical marijuana in many US states, there is a legitimate need for merchant account services, with marijuana delivery services on the rise. The manner in which this type of business operates calls for a form of safe, compliant, efficient and cost-effective payment processing solution.

MMJ Delivery Business

Topnotch offers a secure and compliant solution tailored to the needs of MMJ delivery merchants. With Topnotch’s solution, the transaction is processed on the most up-to-date terminal hardware equipment. Terminal equipment is modern, sleek-looking, portable, with built-in 4G / LTE connectivity.

Topnotch has robust sales, applications, merchant boarding, and support teams that are always available and ready to assist merchants at each stage of the process to implement a payment solution their businesses.

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