Online Ordering for Restaurants

Problem – No Online Food Ordering POS in Orlando


Many POS systems do not offer online food ordering. Your customers are limited to only in-store orders, which is impossible right now with the virus crisis. You’re at risk of losing your business!


Some online systems are tedious, darn near requiring the program to swap menu structure, or add photos (if at all). Fewer photos, less enticing, fewer online sales.


Many POS do not give customers the option to search through your menu and order directly from their phones via mobile app.


Others, provide online ordering but don’t help with the marketing (no loyalty programs, no push notifications, no landing pages, no SEO, no campaign builder or analytics)


Most POS systems still rely on lines and expensive employees with no ability for self-serve or reducing headcount (and you’re going to need the extra speed to serve the pent-up demand (once we can all go inside again)).


Some can provide everything, but you have to gut and replace your system, or use an add-on that requires months of integration, or you’re stuck using another company’s branded app (Uber Eats, etc.)—and pay their high commissions.

Perhaps you should consider…


Over 10,000 restaurants trust Crunch for their online ordering technology including Tim Horton, Station Market, TOA Restaurants, Loft Steakhouse, Lucky Chicken, Urban Pops, and thousands more–including others in Orlando.

Leadership includes the former VP Marketing at GE, Sr. VP Motorola, VP Harcourt (Neiman Marcus, SeaWorld, General Cinemas), built a startup from 13 to 4,000 employees in four years.


Best Solution- Online food ordering POS

There are FIVE MAIN reasons to consider CRUNCH

  1. One of the BEST Website Ordering – Fully Integrated
  2. The BEST Mobile App
  3. The BEST Customer Experience – Including Kiosk
  4. BEST Menu & Order Management
  5. The BEST Built-In Marketing

Let’s consider each of these in detail.

Online Food Ordering POS

1. One of the BEST Website Ordering–Fully Integrated In Orlando

A simple, user-friendly ordering system integrates with all popular POS systems and allows your customers to place orders directly from your website. That means no more dealing with third party, commission-based ordering platforms (like Uber Eats, etc.). With no extra fees or costs, your customers will love the simplicity and savings!

Custom Branded Website Design

Crunch allows you to maintain your unique website design and branding. Create your own custom-designed menu with personalized layouts, fonts, colors, and more for Orlando.

Personalized Food Menu Design

Custom design your online ordering menu to fit your style and brand. Keep your logo, colors, and everything else that makes your website unique.

Social Media Integration

Promote online ordering on your restaurant’s social media accounts with an “Order Here” button which opens your menu directly, allowing customers to order directly from Instagram or Facebook.

Mobile Responsive

Although Crunch includes a mobile app, your website is still fully responsive and optimized to look great on any mobile device.

Online Food Ordering POS

Easy Integration

Integrates with 41 (and counting) of the most popular POS systems, plus popular payment gateways—allowing you to enable online ordering in record time (from 2 to 48 hours). All online or kiosk orders appear in your existing POS as though entered directly.

2. The BEST Mobile App

mobile online food ordering pos

With Crunch, your restaurant in Orlando can be featured in the Crunch mobile app (which includes your own brand, menu, and options)—options are available for a personal app if you are a national or regional chain.

Featured in Crunch Mobile App

Increase your visibility and get featured within the Crunch customizable iOS and Android ordering apps. It uses all your menu, photos, and pricing—similar to your online system. Customers can easily find you by location and type within the Crunch app.

In-App Messaging

Crunch allows you to communicate with your customers directly from the mobile app (great if there are delays or when requesting reviews or feedback). It creates more engagement with your customers and higher retention.

Order Tracking

Crunch automatically sends updates to your customers, allowing them to know the status of their orders.

Future Orders

Allows customers to order now and schedule a pickup later. This enables you to take orders 24/7 without being tied to the phone!

Calorie Display

It allows you to show customers how many calories each item contains. It helps you connect with the health-conscious consumer, where calorie intake is important.


3. The BEST Customer Experience– Including Kiosk

Crunch offers customers all the latest features that create an exceptional guest experience, including the latest in Kiosk technology.

Full-Size Ordering Kiosk & Self-Checkout

Crunch has an optional full-size self-ordering POS system allowing your customers to self-order and checkout while avoiding lines. You also need fewer employees, so they often pay for themselves in the first month.

Catering Option

Allows customers in Orlando to order catering (with its own unique menu) remotely, allowing you to sign-up catering jobs 24/7.

Table Reservation

Provide your customers the option of reserving a table online and skipping the wait. You have a better idea of how many guests to expect as your revenues increase.

Guest Account Option

It provides the ability for customers to order without registration—critical for the customer who prefers to remain discreet or pre-opts out of future promotions.

One Button Reorder

It provides your customers with the option of reordering their previous selection. Saves customers time and earns repeat business

kiosk Online Food Ordering POS

4. BEST Menu & Order Management for online food ordering POS

Online Food Ordering POS
Online Food Ordering POS

Streamline your incoming orders and design your menu, your way. Manage your orders in Orlando seamlessly with a variety of receiving options and showcase your menu to your customers.

Crunch Manager

A custom-built application you can install on your own Android device or chose the pre-configured Crunch tablet with the included printer. It allows you to easily view and manage all incoming online orders. Features include:

Real-Time Ordering. View your incoming orders in real-time. Eliminates missed or inaccurate orders.

Admin Dashboard. An all-inclusive dashboard that monitors your orders at your restaurant. It provides insight into how your business is performing.

Customer Notification

Includes the ability to notify the customer when the order is received and ready for pickup.

Tablet, Email, Phone, Fax, POS & Kitchen Printer

You can receive all your orders via store Tablet, email, phone, fax, or directly to your POS printer. Ensures an order is never missed with multiple options.

Excellent Menu Designer

Customize your menu layouts, logo, colors, and images including popups. It allows you to make items stand out for specials.

5. The BEST Built-In Marketing

Gain more customers in Orlando and increase orders with superior marketing capabilities. Utilize campaign builders and stay in contact with your customers with push notifications.

App Push Notifications

Send content-rich messages and promos to your existing customers directly to their mobile devices to keep them returning.


Your online website is optimized to appear in more search engines to increase your visibility and drive prospects to your location.

Campaign Builder & Analytics

Customize your email marketing campaign and gain valuable insight from your emails with click-through, open, and read rates. It helps you optimize your messaging to maximize ROI.

Loyalty Program

Built-in customer reward program enables you to provide member benefits (discounts or free items) for being a loyal repeat customer.

Online Food Ordering POS

Coupon Engine

Easily create electronic coupons to reward your customers and encourage repeat traffic.

Plus, the Price Performance Leader in Orlando

online food ordering pos

Build Your Own Brand

Unlike other platforms that direct customers in Orlando to their website or app (Uber Eats, etc.), Crunch online ordering is available from your own website (, etc.). You build your own brand—instead of your online order services building theirs.

Crunch provides the most features and support for the money spent.

Competitive Pricing

Unlike other third-partying ordering platforms, Crunch does not charge a commission (others range from 15-40%!).

Paid Quicker

Your online and mobile payments go directly to your Orlando bank account, versus a 3rd-party app (Uber Eats, etc.) where you wait to get paid.

Larger Order Size

Many locations see as much as a 25% increase in their mobile vs on-site orders (customers often for the entire family, vs a couple—especially when they are shut in via the Corona Virus).

BEST Support

24/7 phone, email, and chat support, plus a dedicated account manager for onboarding–providing unparalleled support.

Picture This

This is your OLD Life without an online food ordering POS

I don’t have the virus—but it’s killing me just as bad! Nobody can come in (my restaurant in Orlando is effectively CLOSED), I don’t have a website, or I can hobble one together but it’s too complicated to make it mobile-friendly, and I don’t have an Online Food Ordering POS system. My pregnant wife cries enough already without THIS!

Life sucks!!

This is your NEW Life

I just found Crunch—and it works with my POS! The cost was monthly (I can handle that) and I was up and running in hours! I’m using their included Website; I just added a bunch of City photos (thanks to online photo reviews!) and I am BACK!

Wow—my first order. Ohh, another one. Dang—this works (and the orders are bigger (now that mom and dad can’t have a date alone)). I just called home–my wife is smiling! The kids and dog stopped crying!


Life is GOOD!

online food ordering pos

Next Steps

Also available in Winter Park, Kissimmee, Sanford, Clermont, Apopka, Deer Park, Lake Land, Tampa,  Clearwater, Ocala, Sebring.