Mobile Apps

Mobile Apps

Get more repeat business without spending a fortune on marketing

Mobile Apps for Businesses

Leveraging technology to increase profits and grow your business

Your customers are on mobile – are you? More than 84% of internet sales are done on a mobile device. You can harness the power of mobile apps to reach your customers, drive sales, and grow your business. Topnotch Payment Solutions specializes in designing and developing mobile apps for small to medium-size businesses at a very affordable cost. Our team helps business owners to dramatically increase repeat sales from existing customers without spending a lot of money on marketing. The secret is that we utilize the latest technology that big chain stores and restaurants use to help small and medium-size businesses level the playing field with larger competitors.

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Get More Traffic & Customers

Investing in a mobile app can increase your business profits. According to an ABI Research survey of customers, respondents who downloaded a retail app said they:

  • Had visited the business more often +45.8%
  • Bought more of the business’s products and services +40.4%
  • Encourages their friends to visit the business +30.8%

Source: ABI Research (2018)

Increase Sales with Push Notifications

Go get them when you need by sending a “push notification” – a message that will pop up on their phones so they open your mobile app. Push notifications give your business a competitive edge:

  • Be wherever your customers are and advertise directly to them
  • Send out individual and group messages
  • Target customers based on their interests and purchase history
  • Can be used when times are quiet to drive your customers back to you and get extra businesses

Geo-Targeted & Geo-Fenced Push Notifications

Send notifications to specific customers based on their exact location with our Geo-Targeted push notifications. You can also set up a Geo-Fence (virtual perimeter) on a map and automatically send push notifications to your customers when they enter a certain location.

We Handle Everything from Start to Finish

At Topnotch Payment Solutions, our experienced team of expert developers will design, build, and publish your mobile app. We’ll even show you how easy it is to use so you can really build your business.

You’ll get effective promotional strategies to ensure your customers download and use your app, resulting in more sales and more business profits.

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