In this digital era, a strategy for social media marketing is imperative for business success. Statistics show that one of the most popular platforms is Instagram, especially with internet users aged 18 to 24. Here are some tips on how you can make the most of a marketing campaign on Instagram.

Create a Plan

To be able to get ahead of the competition on a dynamic, fast-moving site such as Instagram, you have to plan ahead. Most brands post almost every day. To keep up a pace like this, it is important to prepare your content weeks in advance. Planning ahead not only enables you to maintain a steady content feed regardless of your day to day circumstances, but it also allows you to maintain consistency in appearance and editing. You can also prepare weekly or monthly themes to offer your customers diversity.

Time Your Posts

The timing of your Instagram posts is important, especially if you find it difficult to post daily. According to data collection services, generally the best day to post is Wednesday, and the slowest day is Sunday. However, the engagement of your posts may be different depending upon the products and services you offer, your location, and your target audience. Conduct research to find out the optimum day and time for your company to post.

Select the Right Hashtags

If you want to engage your target audience, it is crucial that you are precise in your hashtag selection. You can use several hashtags per post. Trending hashtags are those that are currently the most popular, whereas general hashtags have year-round appeal. Be sure to include some hashtags that are specific to your industry.

Track Results

Measure the results of your Instagram campaign on a continuing basis so you’ll know what works and what to improve. Metrics that you will want to keep track of include engagement rates, the number of purchases resulting from shopping links, and the number of comments that people make in response to your posts.